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Collection #5 Maps

Wake up the adventurer in you

Half of the wall murals from our Maps collection consists of historical maps in different manners. The originals ranging from the 1700s onwards and highlights the countries from all over the world. Here you will find maps of heaven and earth. Two good examples are Navigation Lines – a chart of the Caribbean and the Atlas of Astronomy – a subtle illustration of the northern hemisphere starry sky. The other half of the collection comes straight from our design studio – here our designer has interpreted the maps in a new way. With the same respect but with another playfulness and with a focus on the actual pattern, the designer plays with techniques such as collage and photo montage. In the design Wanderlust, the earth land mass has been replaced with words and expressions that are characteristic of the different countries. The white typography against the blackboard makes the adventurer within you come to life. In conjunction with our collection Maps, we are launching the service “Your Street” – wall murals with motifs from your neighborhood. You can get your personal and unique map of the street where you live. All we need is the measurements and the address and then we will create the map for you.

A collection which embraces the whole world

Zoom in on specific areas of land or put the whole world on your wall! With our collection Maps, we bring new life into the classic school maps with historical chart motifs that give you perspective and opens up for a new view of the world. With our collection Maps, we make use of the maps philosophical and aesthetic value. A map on your wall engages and calls for new conversations and perspectives. Historical meets newly created maps, global meets local, sky and sea are represented, as well as urban and rural areas.