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Gray Wall Murals

Gray colored wall murals

Gray is known to be the favorite muted color of designers that works particularly well for backgrounds. If you long for serenity, a gray wall mural is a great interior design tool for your home. Our gray wall mural assortment will create a welcoming atmosphere in your home, make it feel hushed and relaxing. A background design in gray will offset your furniture to create a stunning effect. Imagine having chandeliers over a dining table with a striking gray wall mural in the background. We have gray wall murals in all kind of styles and hues. Choose an intense gray to symbolise strength, or go for a softer tone if you want a more delicate feel. Industrial, classic, vintage, maps, graphic or urban, which is your style? Browse our gray wall murals and find a design your heart beats for. Let your home show off your personality with a gorgeous Rebel Walls wall mural!

For that little bit of extra style

A gray wall mural is a perfect place to start at if you long for peace of mind in your home. Gray has a natural calmness and sophistication; it can implement subtle elegance without being too conservative. A beautiful shade of gray creates a clean and refreshing appearance. Gray wall murals also work for different kind of styles, whether it be industrial with its concrete surfaces or a rather chic style with materials such as marble. Which is your favorite style? Get inspired for your next interior project and create a delicate feeling in your home with a delightful gray wall mural from Rebel Walls.