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Oddity – The quality of being strange or peculiar

Oddity is about daring to be different and personal. The collection is eccentric in a modern and maverick way. Oddity consists of 16 wallpaper designs that represent scenes from around the world. Such as Cornwall – a lush wallpaper pattern with beautiful details, Furada – a tropical wallpaper patter...

Trend Collection 1|21: Cultural Sceneries

Rebel Walls' new trend collection Cultural Sceneries is about cultural fusion and blending historical and cultural references with wall murals for a unique and eclectic home.

Trend Collection 3|20: Reality Escape

Rebel Walls' new trend collection Reality Escape offers wallpapers and wall murals that turn your room into something that plays your mind a bit of a trick, helping you escape reality for a while – if needed.

Collection Book #15 Well-Being

The wallpaper collection Well-Being from Rebel Walls reminds us of the importance of making room for mindfulness in our everyday life. Many of us live a stressful life with a hurried and fast-paced lifestyle, where work and personal life often are rushed and mashed together in a blur of activities. ...

Trend Collection 2|20: Moss & Coral

Rebel Walls’ new trend collection Moss & Coral is their second collection with Tess Callervik – illustrator, pattern designer, and founder of the Swedish slow fashion clothing brand, Daynight Casual.

Trend Collection 1|20: Re:Create

We can get in touch with our inner world by creating the right conditions for it in our external world. The motifs in Trend Collection 1|20 Re:Create, are intended as co-creators for the atmosphere you want to create and in which you wish to restore your power. All the wall murals are designed and n...

Collection Book #14 Play

“The creative adult is the child who survived”. Do you find the quote of Julian F. Fleron inspiring or provoking? If you recognize yourself in the quote, our guess is that you are young at heart and still got good contact with both your creativity and fantasy. Play is a wallpaper collection that cel...

Trend Collection 4|19: La Chinoiserie

Say bonjour to the luxurious yet sophisticated La Chinoiserie collection by Rebel Walls. Featuring flowy hand-drawn weeping willows, citrus trees, exotic birds and swirling butterflies. The collection is very versatile and offers many style combinations, allowing you to create a wonderful atmosphere...

Collection Book #13 Scandinavia

The word nature can describe our natural surroundings, the land, and the sea, or our personal qualities. The connection between humankind and nature is strong. You can take humanity out of nature, but you can’t take nature out of humanity. It’s our origin and its views still have the ability to spon...

Trend Collection 3|19: Nostalgia Anew

Strong fashion trends and eras have the ability to inspire over time and return again and again. Always in new twisted versions. The 1950s and 1960s with their distinctive patterns, materials, and colors are some of those rich epochs. Eager to be reinterpreted and played with.

Trend Collection 2|19: Karin & Carl

To welcome influences from the big world into the small home. To be inspired by Japanese woodcuts and Italian cooking decades before other Scandinavians realized its potential. To decorate in a light, personal and functional way in a time when homes were focused on representation, rather than actual...

Rebel Walls x H&M HOME – Temporary Collection

The interior design brand H&M HOME and the wallpaper company Rebel Walls are to collaborate in the concept stores of H&M HOME in spring 2019. Wallpaper with pattern design from H&M HOME’s assortment will be available for purchase for a limited time at the event areas in the chain’s concept stores ar...

The fifth wall – Transforming the look and feel of a space

The fifth wall should be a key element for any designer, regardless if you’re an amateur or a pro. And now we’re launching this unique concept”, says Johanna Ek, designer at Rebel Walls. Ceilings usually have an indistinctive character in the space surrounding us. They often stay anonymous, in every...

The 20s of the 21st century is already here

The boisterous era of the Roaring Twenties can be defined by prosperity, flappers, Charleston, jazz clubs and wild youth. And even if we can’t really say we’re reliving similar times a century later, there are certainly echoes of the past in these 30 wall murals of Deco in terms of luxurious eleganc...

Trend Collection 1|19: Day & Night

Rebel Walls' new trend collection Day & Night is created through a collaboration with Swedish slow fashion brand Daynight Casual. Tess Callervik is an illustrator, pattern designer and founder of the clothing brand, whose world of images seduces and spellbinds.

Trend Collection 3|18: Nomad Avenue

It could be the old town of Paris, Milan, Saint Petersburg or Prague. Alternatively – a liberating interpretation and combination of all of them. You are the architect of this city, and the wall murals of Nomad Avenue are your grateful building material.

New perspectives on the astonishing beauty of nature with #11 Bouquet

People are, always will be and always have been – inspired by nature. No matter how many mind-blowing, technically advanced, creative and beautiful design solutions humankind can come up with – nature is always, effortlessly, ahead of us. This collection is made in a humble fascination of the nature...

Trend Collection 2|18: Flora Maxima

Prepare yourself and your walls for an unforgettable flower shower. Strong pigments, proud petals, and kaleidoscope-like patterns await in this vibrant wallpaper parade. This is for the passionate individual who takes on life with love and lust and who isn’t afraid to show it.

Trend Collection 1|18: Second Moment

The artistry and allure in these abandoned historical spaces create worlds, tells stories and evokes conversations. Who wouldn’t want that? Pick a wall that lacks the natural light and depth from doors and windows and turn it into an inspiring scenery that completely changes the character of your sp...

Spice up Your Life With Wallpaper Collection #10 Palette

Dark colors diminish, bright colors enlarge – all colors make a change. That’s the short version of how colors affect the perception of a room, but the truth is more versatile and individual than that. White feels bright, crispy and fresh for some, but empty and insipid to others. Rebel Walls encour...

Trend Collection 4|17: Eclectic Dash

Eclectic Dash is inspired by the most bombastic and fearless style expression of humankind. Create truly elegant room settings with the help of stunning French panels, winding stucco moldings, detailed ornaments and chubby cherubs.

Trend Collection 3|17: Dusty Pink

Rebel Walls interprets, embraces and challenges the trendiest pink shade in a passionate deep dive of the color. Enjoy a highly relevant wallpaper collection that gets its inspiration from dreamy clouds, hexagons, gems and whirling marble – all wrapped in seductive pink.   Dusty Pink will be the thi...

Modern wallpaper for every room at home

There's no place like home. Let's make it perfect! On September 5, Rebel Walls is launching its new collection book #9 Home. The collection features a selection of 30 wall murals, divided into six chapters: Enter, Eat, Relax, Work, Play and Sleep. The idea of these chapters is to help make the wallp...

Trend Collection 2|17: Shore & Lines

Rebel Walls launches four trend-based wallpaper collections annually, interpreting current trends. They have a clear theme that is being developed in line with current directions of interior design. In addition to these four, Rebel Walls also launches two collection books that are more extensive wit...

Trend Collection 1|17: Tropical Oasis

Rebel Walls is now launching four smaller, trend based wallpaper collections where the company presents its take on current trends. Each of them has a distinct theme sourced from contemporary interior trends. Tropical Oasis will be the first of four annual collections launched online and includes ei...

Exclusive collection in collaboration with Raimat

For the exclusive collection The Senses of Raimat Vineyard – a collaboration with the Spanish vineyard Raimat – Rebel Walls has produced six wallpaper murals inspired by the vineyard's castle, situated in the heart of Catalonia and is a visual interpretation of the vineyard's pride – the red wine An...

Wallpaper murals for the young at heart

A storybook is a gateway to another world – one in which wallpaper tastes of chocolate and bottles labeled ’drink me’ can lead to an unbelievable adventure. In the Storytime Collection there are categories and motifs inspired by both classic and contemporary stories, laced into picture perfect desig...

Wallpaper Murals for the Curious Explorer

Rebel Walls continues to bring a brand new perspective to interior design. The new collection “Curious”,  takes inspiration from the offbeat, the vintage and the abandoned. What once was new and uniform, becomes unique, interesting and even odd. Odd can be magnificent if you look closely.

Get a room... for your passion!

"Passion" is an eager wallpaper collection with undoubtedly brave patterns that demand space and encourage you to do the same. 10 fictional enthusiasts – all with a hobby room of their own for creating, recreation or both – guide you around an entirely carefree cavalcade of patterns.

Wallpaper the world – or at least parts of it

A map on your wall engages and calls for new conversations and perspectives. This is where we live, this is where we have been, and this is where we would like to travel. To create a wider perspective of the map the design team has been working with opposites.

Choose wallpaper in accordance with your personality!

We wanted to create a graphic and colourful collection where there was something for those who do not even like wallpapers! With its graphic language and colourful pattern, Spectrum also perfectly complements our two previous collections; Frontage, with its simplistic surfaces, and Greenhouse with i...

Romantic Designs that Make the Walls Bloom

Greenhouse is a tribute to the power and diversity of nature. It’s for the weeds that won’t stop grow, the dandelions that burst through asphalt and the thorny rose bush that refuse to be tamed. Among the 32 unique wallpaper designs we will find thriving iron gates, hand painted wild roses and flora...

Parisian facades, architectural drawings and Scandinavian wooden details

The collection Frontage (”facade”) is all about structure, surface, and patina. The wallpapers can be tailored to the customer requirements both in measurement and design.

Collection #1 is launched

We have been experiencing an increased need to create wallpapers in short runs for a personal decor and we are now in a position to help with fun, imaginative and unique wallpaper, explains the owners, Irene and Christofer, third generation of the Gimmersta wallpaper family.