Leaf Wallpaper Murals

Beautifully detailed leaf wallpaper murals

Add a stylish complement to your otherwise white walls with a leaf wallpaper. Let the harmonic natural colours stand out with a leaf wallpaper design that will take your family and friends by surprise. When the leaves begin to bud on the trees, it's a sign that spring is here to stay for a while. The bright spring colors in different shades of green are everywhere. When summer is over, autumn starts to creep in with frosty nights, making leaves turn a beautiful shade of orange, yellow and red. This season is also for fun and games with the family, the best there is, jumping into a big pile of orange, brown and yellow coloured leaves. Take the colours of the leaves into your home, where they will fit perfectly on your living room walls or in your hallway. Our beloved tropical leaf wallpaper design by Rebel Walls, the “Mischievous Monkeys, Lush”, features distinctive and large leaves with playful little monkeys is a favoured choice for many when looking for the perfect leaf wallpaper.

Lush and stunning leaf wallpaper murals for your home

Let the graphical expression of green and orange leaves climb the walls in your home, as high up into the trees with a leaf wallpaper. Let the leaves rest on the wall, where you can appreciate them every day and reminisce of the swirling leaves in a spring wind. Create a flourishing corner in your home with a unique wallpaper with a crisp structure of beautiful leaves.

To create an overall impression in your home, style with wooden details that will enhance the experience of a close-to-nature feeling, in combination with a leaf wallpaper in your home.

Our beloved tropical leaf wallpaper design by Rebel Walls, “Mischievous Monkeys, Lush” features a distinctive large leaf design with playful little monkeys. This leafy wallpaper is a favorite for many when looking for the perfect leaf wallpaper.

There's a leaf wallpaper design for everyone

Look for your four-leafed clover amongst our leaf wallpapers, or take a walk through a jungle landscape as you move through large tropical leaves, or take in the scenery of water lilies floating peacefully on a lake. No matter your preference for a leaf wallpaper, you will find your favorite here.